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Why RAW®?

You're asking the right question. Learn why RAW is your best source of honey in our leaflet which we include in every order alongside our deluxe packaging - making RAW Honey a perfect unique gifting item you can give to loved ones you care about.

What is RAW®?

RAW® ascends straight from the heart of the Lebanese wilderness;
where life feeds off the warmth of the sun and the gentle cold breeze accompanied by hydrating dew droplets.

RAW® is a new premium range of naturally pure artisanal honeys derived from the mountains of Lebanon. Our Honey is the result of inexhaustible passion and scientific know-how.

RAW® is truly authentic in every step of the way; from locating the hives in remote pristine areas to using ZERO chemicals, ZERO additives and ZERO antibiotics.

We opt for state-of-the-art techniques and we take our honey very seriously. We’ve been dubbed “The Manufacturing Extremists” of the beekeeping world in the ARAB region.

Our Essence

The RAW® honey range is sustainably harvested, unrefined, and free of chemicals and added sugar. It has been developed to appeal to the health-conscious, environmentally aware, and highly selective customer who will happily pay a premium for pure, authentic, unique natural produces.

The RAW® honey range is the fruit of 50 years of integrity in honey production that we, the family, are proud of it being the finest honey in Lebanon with its premium unmatched quality.

Our Values

RAW places significant importance on values of responsibility, honesty, and purity. We care for our bees and the lands we harvest in, and take great responsibility over our environment.

We are Authentic. Premium. Natural. Lively.

All Natural

– We use ZERO chemicals.

– RAW is the first honey in Lebanon with zero antibiotics or chemicals used in its production even when fighting bee pests and diseases. Hence, fewer amounts are produced but of premium zero-chemical medicinal quality.

– At RAW, we crossbreed bees that have hygienic behavior. This helps in fighting bee diseases and parasites naturally (genetically) without the use of chemicals.

– RAW naturally preserves wax combs without the use of chemicals – which is way more costly – custom designing our beehives for the application of natural and not chemical treatment of diseases and parasites.

Unfiltered – Unheated

– Raw is the first raw honey (unprocessed, unfiltered, and unheated) and the closest to organic in Lebanon (people are fooled with the present honey labeling such as raw, organic, etc. that takes advantage of the current state of corruption and

– Raw preserves all the essential nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids that are destroyed upon heating and/or fine filtering.

– No added sugar. We are naturally sweet.

– We don’t feed our bees high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which has a composition similar to that of honey, making it hard to detect under the prevailing common tests.

No Contamination

– We work as organically as possible and can guarantee zero contamination of our products.

– We harvest all over the mountains and forests of Lebanon, with a team of experts manning the fields.

– We have several different types to cater to your taste buds.