Shipping policy

Lebanese Lira Rate:

  • The USD to LBP rate is calculated daily. We always charge a bit lower than the market rate.
  • When you place an order, you will only be charged according to the Lira rate at the time of placing your order, even if the rate changes by the time you actually receive your order.

Delivery Cost and Time in Lebanon:

  • Cost: $3 USD
  • Payment Method: Cash On Delivery. Pay at your doorstep, we’ll handle everything else.
  • Time: Within 24 hours if in Beirut, 2-5 business days if outside Beirut. 

Delivery Cost and Time in Kuwait:

  • Cost: TBD
  • Payment Method: TBD
  • Time: Within 48 hours.


Last Updated On: April 25, 2022.