The RAW Story
Born in the south of Lebanon to a small family of beekeeping, I was fascinated by the world of bees. To me or any of my brothers and sister, nurtured on the liquid gold by loving parents, bees were a constant part of our lives. We were raised to speak honey.

Growing up, I watched my father taking care of those little creatures in the backyard. I spent steady hours gazing out the window at him in his white outfit from headwear to gloves, moving from one beehive to another with his companions; the little girls, his bees.

When it came to work, I always kept my father company all through his efforts to improve beekeeping practices in the South. I was inspired by my dad’s hard work and dedication to apiculture, a passion that was passed on to me.

During my graduate studies at AUB’s Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, I worked on a research project for expanding the field within Lebanon. Apiculture was not part of the curriculum of the faculty, neither was it in the research fields directly connected to it. Long before, my father had made the same quest. His love for bees took him further to develop new techniques in the field of ground-breaking practical value. He shared them all over the Lebanese south dreaming of beehives decorating the backyards of every house. Had he been living in a different time and place, he would have been much embraced.

The rush of my life never distanced me from the buzzing of my father and his bees. Perhaps I saw in their austere hierarchy an unfailing source of comfort and a lasting genuine companionship.

I was soon teaching beekeeping at AUB. Taking the beekeeping legacy to the best college in the region was a dream come true. But I did not stop there. My dream grew bigger after I had joined the University of Florida to pursue a PHD in resource economics. And since then, I have been working on the development of beekeeping practices in the Arab region while taking part in many international conferences. My involvement stretched from designing Lebanon’s First Beekeepers Calendar and improving local beekeeping cultural practices, to pioneering selective breeding and adding scientific guidelines to honey production and marketing. My publications about beekeeping, including the book “Your guide to beekeeping” – Arabic, were considered the first scientific releases about apiculture in Lebanon.

Today, it is a privilege to present to you Raw.  We take pride in our product, in our unique methods in beekeeping and honey harvesting. This honey is the result of decades of experience, of the value of heritage, of flaming passion with the proper scientific know-how.

We are true, we are real, WE ARE RAW.

Rami Ollaik / Founder

The Bee Team
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