Connect with the Honeybee

Why RAW®?

You're asking the right question. Learn why RAW is your best source of honey in our leaflet which we include in every order alongside our deluxe packaging - making RAW Honey a perfect unique gifting item you can give to loved ones you care about.

What is RAW®?

RAW® ascends straight from the heart of the Lebanese wilderness;
where life feeds off the warmth of the sun and the gentle cold breeze accompanied by hydrating dew droplets.

RAW® is a testament to unwavering passion and meticulous science. Each jar overflows with the liquid gold of dedication, crafted through time-honored beekeeping traditions and infused with cutting-edge techniques.

RAW® is truly authentic in every step of the way; from locating the hives in remote pristine areas to using ZERO chemicals, ZERO additives and ZERO antibiotics.

This is RAW® An unparalleled indulgence for the discerning palate, where the untamed spirit of the Lebanese wilderness meets the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Our Essence

With RAW® each jar captures the fleeting magic of a specific bloom, handcrafted in small, seasonal batches. Unrefined and free of chemicals or added sugar, RAW® reflects the untamed spirit of the Lebanese wilderness, offering a truly unparalleled indulgence for discerning connoisseurs who prioritize both wellness and sustainability.

Our Values

RAW places significant importance on values of responsibility, honesty, and purity. We care for our bees and the lands we harvest in, and take great responsibility over our environment.

We are Authentic. Premium. Natural. Lively.

All Natural

- Untouched by Chemicals: From pollen collection to bottling, our honey remains completely free of chemicals and antibiotics

- Natural Defenders: Through innovative bioselection, we empower our bees with natural disease resistance, eliminating the need for harmful chemical interventions.

- Chemical-Free Hives: We prioritize creating an environment where our bees can flourish naturally. Instead of relying on chemical treatments, we utilize natural methods and practices to keep our hives healthy and productive.

Unfiltered – Unheated

- Authentically Raw: Experience the true essence of honey with RAW®. Our unprocessed, unfiltered, and unheated honey embraces nature's purity, unlike many misleading alternatives in the market.

- Nature's Nutrient-Rich Bounty: Unlike honey subjected to processing, RAW® preserves essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, offering a complete nutritional package crafted by nature.

- Naturally Sweet Indulgence: Rediscover the true sweetness of honey, unadulterated by added sugars. RAW® delights your palate with its inherent sweetness, free from artificial enhancements.

- Bee-Honored Practices: Committed to ethical beekeeping, we never subject our bees to harmful artificial feeds like high-fructose corn syrup.

No Contamination

– We work organically and can guarantee zero contamination of our products.

– We harvest over the mountains and forests of Lebanon, with a team of experts manning the fields.