RAW is a place in the wild, where nature grows and flourishes under the warmth of the sun.

RAW is a new, premium range of naturally pure artisanal honeys from the mountains of Lebanon, targeting the premium end of the food industry. This product is the result of flaming passion and scientific know-how.

We are GREEN. We produce 100% pure raw Lebanese honey, locating our hives in remote pristine areas away from sources of pollution.

We are HONEST. Our honey is pure, It has ZERO chemicals, ZERO additives and ZERO antibiotics. We refuse to contaminate nature’s gift to us.

We are EXPERTS. We work hard on refining our methods and processes, a result of years of studying, experimenting and teaching.

We are PASSIONATE. We breathe and speak honey. Generation after generation of living among honeybees has earned us the title of pioneers in environmentally friendly beekeeping.

We are RAW, in every sense of the word.


Rich in antioxidants, minerals and complex sugars.
Pair with banana, nuts and butter.


Rich in antioxidants.
Pair with tea and toast.

Wild Oregano

Rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents.
Pair with yogurt, cereals and smoothies.

Mountain Thistle

Rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents.
Pair with nuts, fruits and cereals.


Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, antiseptic properties and minerals.
Best used as anti-aging face mask.

Orange Blossom

Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Pair with tea and warm biscuit.


Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
Pair with cocktails and sweet mix.

Hi Raw Honey!
My name is Maya and I’m a plant-based nutritionist, raw foodie, and blogger from Lebanon. I’m also a professional writer on nutrition and health and love sharing health and wellness information with others.
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your honey. I have been hesitant to try honey for years, but being a raw vegan, I realize how beneficial honey can be if it is in its whole, raw state and comes from people who care for and don’t abuse their bees. Yours comes on top and I seem to always come back to your Raw Honey.
THANK YOU for your honey. It was the first one I tried and I am already sold.
Maya Hajj

Hi, I just wanted to let your company know how unbelievable your honey is!!! The taste the texture and appearance is like no other honey me and my wife have tired. We get tired of fake products on grocery store shelves claiming its raw honey when it tastes terrible. So keep up the good work and keep them bees happy!!
Ziad Khoury

A great big thank you to the whole Raw Honey family for your continued commitment to sustainable and ecologically conscious business practices, and for providing a superior, natural, raw honey in an age of (mostly) disturbing cultivation, harvesting, processing, and distribution of nutritionally bankrupt edibles. I was sharing my experiences of your raw honey with a friend today; we checked out your website (which is great), and I was inspired. So once again, thank you!
Ali Fawaz

I love the bee team -Raw Honey! Of all the raw honeys I have tasted, it is my personal favorite. It is rich and smooth, and eats like a complete food-not refined but handled in such a way that all the good elements of honey are available. A sugar craving is easily settled by scooping out a teaspoon of the honey, which is something I would never do with other honey. My son Jordan, 12 chooses this honey for a spoonful when extremely hungry and dinner will not appear soon enough.
Mohammad Ammar

The Bee Team
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